This one is Stratagem's final game, and probably the most original design I've worked on. Moving the mouse aims as in many shooters, but the left and right mouse buttons each control a tentacle. The player moves through the environment Spiderman-style by latching onto walls or other ojects with the tentacles and swinging around.

The unique gameplay is what makes Squest such a cool game. I'd always been disappointed that the Spiderman games I've played, though they were fun, didn't allow me to choose where you shot your webs to. I wanted to be able to pick what I swung off of. So I took the code base from Zwischenzug and adapted it to a completely new style of gameplay.

Squest was a real learning experience for me. It was the first complete game I made that used the "engine" from a previous game I did, so I experienced the advantages and disadvantages of using an existing engine. It is also the first game for which I made a scripting language. In Squest, all the levels are loaded from external files this way, and scripts can be associated with level locations and will run when the player enters that area. It would have been cool to see these features used more than they were, but we had only a month to work on it so many ideas had to be cut.

On this project I took care of all programming and adapting the existing game code to an entirely new game. Jeff Beaudoin created the levels. Patti Banyas took care of modelling, textures, sound effects, and music.